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New Patient Form

Save time at your first office visit. Our Patient Form is available for you to download, fill in, then print and bring with you to your 1st appointment.

Additional Services Under One Roof

RSZ Orthopaedics offers several convenient other onsite services to conveniently provide patients with the treatment they need under one roof. These services include:

On Site X-Rays
RSZ Orthopaedics enables you to have your x-rays performed on site at the time of your visit. We also provide quality diagnostic x-ray imaging services.

Our Paoli & Limerick locations are equipped with state of the art X-ray suites, staffed by registered X-Ray technologists. This allows you to have digital X-Rays taken during your appointment, which your provider is immediately able to read at your visit. 

You will be able to obtain a copy of your diagnostic studies as needed.

Intra-Articular injections are used to mediate joint pain caused by diseases such as tendonitis and osteoarthritis. We offer different types of injections from steroids, which possess anti-inflammatory properties useful for reducing pain in the joint space, to viscosupplementation, the injection of hyaluronates to treat osteoarthritis.

Physical Therapy Services
For your convenience, Premier Rehabilitation Centers are located in the same building as our Paoli and Limerick offices. The close proximity facilitates the relationship between the therapist and the treating physician – assuring our patients are receiving the finest care before, during and after surgery. Learn more about Premier Therapy Services.